Andrea Beecher

Co-Owner + 

Is our destiny imprinted in our childhood? A scan of Andrea Beecher’s life may yield some answers. After all, a trifecta of touchstones – the allure of creation, the spark of friendship and the freedom of living life unfettered – have shaped Andrea’s life since youth. Since she was old enough to identify the color of the wallpaper in her bedroom, Andrea designed. When other kids asked Santa for Transformers, she begged for new curtains and a coordinating bedspread. And when other kids eked out an allowance, 11-year-old Andrea began her first business – with a friend, of course! Since then, Andrea has let the dual muses of design and entrepreneurship take hold.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in interior desig
n, she dove into a high-profile career as a visual merchandiser and district visual manager for a slate of retailers, most notably Forever 21. Despite fulfilling her need to create, Andrea’s thirst for interior design as well as designing her own destiny couldn’t be quenched, so she took action. In 2010, she helped create the design division of cityhomeCOLLECTIVE, a boutique real estate and design firm based in Salt Lake City, building the residential and commercial design and staging firm from the ground up. Andrea quickly earned a reputation for creating spaces that elevate and inspire, and developed a following, which she parlayed in 2014 into the launch of M3LD, along with her friend and design cohort, Brian Garrett. In addition to her two business partners, Andrea also shares life’s adventures with her husband, fellow creative Daniel.