Brian Garrett


Co-Owner +

Some things defy description; they only can be experienced – like stroking the curved dashboard of a storied Saab or stumbling upon a Gaetano Sciolari Chandelier in a vintage shop. Such vignettes about Brian Garrett’s favorite things define his approach to design and inform his purview at M3LD. The Salt Lake City native became immersed in the study of design through observation, cultivated early in his career as a visual merchandising manager with Nordstrom, including a high-octane stint at Nordstrom Ebar. But it wasn’t until a leadership role with By Design that he began to form the model of what would become M3LD. There, he met Andrea Beecher, and the pair launched their first venture, called Esque in 2013 creating modern accent pillows and selling them at local flea markets. That seedling concept sprouted his passion for entrepreneurship and cemented his belief that all of life’s journeys should be embarked upon with trusted friends.

This philosophy fires up how Brian approaches his relationship with the M3LD community, whom he views less as clients and buyers and more as confidants and adventurers. As a result, he attracts people who also appreciate the road less traveled and design freed from conformity. Together with his long-term partner and Agnes, their gentle and friendly Black-coated Great Dane, Brian hosts an annual fundraising brunch in connection with the Utah Pride Festival to benefit local nonprofits, including the VOA Youth Resource Center for Homeless & At-risk Teens.