Design Services

A design revolution is underway in Salt Lake City, led by the city’s talented style-makers at M3LD.

Across the city and beyond, residents and business owners are shaking up their communities’ design DNA – seeking to bridge from traditional to modern, from expected to exceptional, from generic templates to highly personalized imprints. And at the heart of this awakening lies M3LD.

The team of award-winning interior design experts have risen in profile and demand because they understand Salt Lake City, embrace its culture and believe in its future – a future that encompasses a variety of perspectives, persuasions and personalities. They’re even accelerating that future by working with a select group of clients who do more than push boundaries; they seize the opportunity to imbue fresh ideas and create environments that evoke passion and promise.

We approach each engagement with ingenuity and imagination – plus the audacity to believe that design can improve communities. Our approach to commercial interior design defies conventions by working with entrepreneurs and influencers to cast their visions upon their environment. Our residential interior design services guide clients through a process of discovery that yields a kinetic display of personality among home interiors that are cheeky, functional and livable.

Combining some of the strongest aesthetics of the 20th century with innovative materials, colors, finishes, furniture and accessories, our professionals have a penchant for modernism yet deftly fuse styles and trends to define the evolving world of design. As a result, each commercial and residential environment we’re invited to design reveals our clients’ vision as a celebration of their style and in deference to their requirements.

Our promise is to create environments that evoke emotion, contribute to the success of your commercial venture or ensure your home speaks to your soul. We’re not saving lives; we’re saving eyes. Please join us.